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3.7 oz Hand Poured Silver Bar .999+ 3D Statue "Anubis Warrior" by Gold Spartan

3.7 oz Hand Poured Silver Bar .999+ 3D Statue "Anubis Warrior" by Gold Spartan

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Composition: Silver

Shape: Bar

Unit Type: oz

Year: 2023

Fineness: 0.999

Precious Metal Content: 3.7 TR/OZ

Precious Metal Content per Unit: 3.7 oz

Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Poured Method: Investment Casting

Unit Quantity: 3.7

Total Precious Metal Content: 3.7 oz

Brand/Mint: The Gold Spartan

3.7 oz Hand Poured 999 Silver Bar Statue "Anubis Warrior" by The Gold Spartan [LIMITED MINTAGE: 100]


Introducing the enigmatic Anubis Warrior collectible, a masterfully crafted tribute to the powerful and mysterious guardian of the ancient Egyptian afterlife. This exceptional piece is made using the investment casting technique and forged from pure 999 fine silver, capturing the imposing figure and intricate details of Anubis in his warrior form. With its limited production run, this mesmerizing collectible is perfect for art enthusiasts, collectors, and admirers of ancient Egyptian mythology. Carefully designed with outstanding attention to detail, this collectible showcases the distinct features of Anubis Warrior, including the iconic jackal head, the traditional Egyptian attire, and the imposing battle stance. The expert craftsmanship brings to life the captivating essence of this revered deity, embodying the strength, protection, and guidance Anubis offers to the souls of the departed as they journey through the afterlife. The investment casting technique, combined with pure 999 fine silver, adds value and aesthetic appeal to this Anubis Warrior collectible, making it a solid investment for collectors. The unique craftsmanship ensures each piece is a work of art, radiating a sense of reverence and admiration for the fascinating and complex world of ancient Egyptian mythology.


  • Unique: Each statue is one-of-a-kind due to the hand-poured and hand-crafted process

  • High-quality: Made entirely of 999 fine silver, this statue is sure to impress with its intricate detail and stunning finish

  • Valuable: As a limited edition item with a mintage of only 100, this statue is sure to increase in value over time, making it a wise investment for any collector

  • Versatile: Whether you're a fan, a collector of rare silver items, or simply looking for a unique and beautiful piece of art, this statue is sure to impress


  • Hand Poured Using Investment Casting 

  • Individually Serialized With Matching Aluminum COA

  • Stamp, Logo, Serial, Weight, and Purity All Laser Etched 

  • Proudly Made In The USA

  • Contains 3.7 Troy Oz Of 999 Silver

  • Antiqued Finish

**This is NOT your normal bullion-at-spot product. Each one of these statues takes a minimum of 1-2+ days to complete!  

**It's very hard to have these consistent in weight. Please allow a small variance. 

**Images and video are my stock images. Each piece will have distinctive characteristics, possibly a different weight stamp than images (listing title or BIN will be accurate), and a unique serial number

About Investment Casting:

The investment casting technique is a sophisticated process that involves creating a mold, pouring molten silver into it, and refining and polishing the final figure to achieve an extraordinary level of detail. The distinctive feature of these investment casting figures is the application of an antique finish, which bestows each piece with a distinct personality and allure that is genuinely captivating.

Crafted from 999 fine silver, investment casting figures encompass a diverse array of styles, ranging from abstract forms to intricate sculptures, catering to every preference and collection. These pieces not only possess aesthetic charm but also retain inherent value as a dependable store of wealth, making them an astute investment for those looking to diversify their assets.

Enhance your collection with investment casting figures in 999 fine silver adorned with an antique finish. These exceptional works of art are ideal for collectors and art aficionados seeking to infuse their collection with elegance and refinement, while simultaneously ensuring lasting value and allure.

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