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4.8 oz Silver Bar Hand Poured 999 Minatare "Skull Cup/Chalice" by Gold Spartan

4.8 oz Silver Bar Hand Poured 999 Minatare "Skull Cup/Chalice" by Gold Spartan

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Composition: Silver

Shape: Bar

Year: 2022

Fineness: 999

Precious Metal Content: 4.8 TR/OZ

Precious Metal Content per Unit: 4.8 oz

Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Poured Method: Investment Casting

Total Precious Metal Content: 4.8 oz

Brand/Mint: The Gold Spartan

4.8 oz Hand Poured 999 Silver Bar Minatare "Skull Cup/Chalice" by Gold Spartan


A chalice has been a symbol of spiritual nourishment, community, and sacrifice for thousands of years. From ancient pagan rituals to modern religious ceremonies, the chalice has played a crucial role in connecting people with their gods and with each other. The chalice is often made of precious metals and adorned with intricate designs, reflecting its importance and value. Whether used to hold consecrated wine or simply to celebrate the sacredness of life, the chalice remains an enduring symbol of hope, unity, and renewal. Today, chalices are available in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes, making them the perfect addition to any spiritual practice or home altar. Invest in a chalice and deepen your connection to the divine


With the 5oz version being 2 inches tall, you can not use these as actual drinking cups for normal people! 


  • Hand Poured Using Investment Casting 

  • Individually Serialized With Matching Aluminum COA

  • Logo, Serial, Weight, and Purity All Laser Etched 

  • Proudly Made In The USA

  • Contains 999 Silver

  • Antiqued Finish

**This is NOT your normal bullion-at-spot product. Each one of these statues takes a minimum of 1-2+ days to complete!  

**It's very hard to have these consistent in weight. Please allow a small variance. 

**Images and video are my stock images. Each piece will have distinctive characteristics, possibly a different weight stamp than images (listing title or BIN will be accurate), and a unique serial number

*On Hand Ready To Ship
*Sigma Verified

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