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"Anubis Warrior" .999+ Silver Statue, Hand Poured, Investment Casting, Custom Made [LIMITED MINTAGE: 100]

"Anubis Warrior" .999+ Silver Statue, Hand Poured, Investment Casting, Custom Made [LIMITED MINTAGE: 100]

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"Anubis Warrior" .999+ Silver Statue, Hand Poured, Investment Casting, Custom Made [LIMITED MINTAGE: 100] 

**PLEASE NOTE: Though we do keep stock of pieces, most items are made-to-order and may take up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Composition: Silver

Year: 2023

Fineness: .999+ 

Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Poured Method: Investment Casting

Artist: Gold Spartan

Mintage: 100



Introducing the Anubis Warrior collectible, an alluring masterpiece meticulously crafted from pure 999 fine silver using the time-honored investment casting technique. This majestic representation of Anubis, the Ancient Egyptian god of the dead, assumes the form of a powerful warrior, ready for battle. With its limited mintage, this commanding piece is a remarkable addition for enthusiasts of ancient mythology, history buffs, and discerning collectors alike.

The Anubis Warrior collectible showcases the intricate detailing and exceptional craftsmanship associated with our esteemed artists. This piece highlights Anubis in warrior form, with his jackal-headed human figure fully armored and brandishing a traditional Egyptian khopesh sword. The intricate detailing of the armor and the hauntingly beautiful jackal head exude a sense of strength and resilience, embodying the protective role of Anubis over the souls of the departed.

This pure 999 fine silver collectible is not just a stunning representation of a revered deity but also holds significant intrinsic value. The gleaming silver surface enhances the intricate details of the Anubis Warrior and adds an element of elegance to this piece of ancient mythology brought to life.

Add this majestic fine silver Anubis Warrior collectible to your collection, and let it serve as a testament to the ancient civilization's profound wisdom and extraordinary mythology. With its limited production run and superior craftsmanship, this captivating piece offers a unique and engaging addition to any collection, perfectly capturing the essence of the Anubis Warrior.


Unique: Each statue is one-of-a-kind due to the hand-poured and hand-crafted process
High-quality: Made entirely of 999 fine silver, this statue is sure to impress with its intricate detail and stunning finish
Valuable: As a limited edition item with a mintage of only 100, this statue is sure to increase in value over time, making it a wise investment for any collector
Versatile: Whether you're a fan, a collector of rare silver items, or simply looking for a unique and beautiful piece of art, this statue is sure to impress


- Hand Poured Using Investment Casting 
- Individually Serialized With Matching Aluminum COA
- Max Mintage: 100
- Logo, Serial, Weight, and Purity All Laser Etched 
- Proudly Made In The USA
- Made Of Pure .999+ Fine Silver
- Antiqued Finish

**This is NOT your normal bullion-at-spot product. Each one of these statues takes a minimum of 1-2+ days to complete!  

**It's very hard to have these consistent in weight. Please allow a small variance 

**Images and video are my stock images. Each piece will have distinctive characteristics, possibly a different weight stamp than images (listing title will be accurate), and a unique serial number

About Investment Casting:

Investment casting is an intricate process that involves crafting a mold, pouring molten silver into it, and refining and polishing the resulting figure to a stunning level of detail. What sets these investment casting figures apart is the addition of an antique finish, imbuing each piece with a unique character and charm that is truly breathtaking.

Investment casting figures in 999 fine silver offer a wide range of styles, from abstract pieces to ornate figurines, to suit every taste and collection. These figures not only offer aesthetic appeal but also hold intrinsic value as a reliable store of wealth, making them a smart investment for those seeking to diversify their portfolio.

Elevate your collection to new heights with investment casting figures in 999 fine silver with an antique finish. These exquisite pieces are perfect for collectors and art enthusiasts seeking to add a touch of sophistication to their collection, while also providing long-term value and beauty.

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